New Couponer? START HERE!

Simple Steps:

*Buy/get your coupons

*Cut & organize



1.) buy/ get your coupons: Where?

-Sunday newspapers:

            *Red Plum inserts –

            *Smartsource inserts-

            *p&g inserts (once a month insert) – (proctor and gamble)

-Major brand and store websites- ie. Pillsbury & Target have good coupons on their website you can print off (main coupon printing site- you can print from home)

2.) Cut out your coupons and organize them!

            Methods of organizing?

                        *Binder- use a 3 ring binder with baseball card inserts and tab dividers for sections

                        *Box- Photo box with dividers for sections

                        *Coupon folder- Most don’t hold many coupons-

           *I find it easier to keep certain store only coupons (ie Target coupons) in a category to themselves instead of combined with others- do whatever method is more beneficial to you


           * Simplest way is to go to good websites you trust and they have matchups already done for you – They tell you what coupon to use at certain stores for the best deals! (don’t forget about your internet coupons- you may have some that these websites don’t list – which could get you a better deal than what they have listed!)

            * Go through the stores ad and circle good deals you find – then go through your coupons and pull the coupons you will use combined with those deals for super prices!! (:

4.) GO SHOPPING !!! (the best part)

           * have a main list you want to go buy and have those coupons set aside so they’re easy to find- BUTTTTT also have your other coupons with you- you never know what other unadvertised deals they don’t put in ads! (not to mention good clearance finds!!!)

***TAKE AN EMPTY ENVELOPE!!!!*** when you put an item in your cart that had a coupon- put that coupon in the envelope so when you get to the cashier you know exactly which to give to the cashier!