DIY: custom printables


design your own saying, you can even do this on the paint application that usually comes on all computers. then save it and open it as a photo- this gives you options when you print as to which size you want it so itll fit in your frame-


print & place in frame- I dont have mine in a frame yet because we’re in the process of moving soon, and I already packed them all 😦 so im keeping them in a folder in my everything else & home binder 🙂 {ill be posting how to make one soon!}

DIY: TV Stand

well, its my olllld dresser. from highschool.

my grandparents got it at an auction for $20 and it was THE most ugly color of green. ever.
so i painted it crackled black and white cause, that was the coolest thing ever to me then of course.

and now im very thankful to have it, its our tv stand, and I love it.
theres nothing really to tell you to do, other than paint your old dresser and put on some new knobs 🙂

…go… do it 🙂


Target Clearance

Holy maccaroni.
im so upset I feel like I havent checked Targets online clearance in ages..
I was just looking and they have some SUPER great priced pillows, $8 and change for the one I want, plus its one with free shipping. score.  {normally, $24ish!}

happy mamma right here 😉

{click here check it out}