Prinables: MISC.


I made these mainly in black and white to print off to put in picture frames throughout the year. If you click on the picture itll pop up the full size view. then you can print it. they’re big enough for 8×10 photo frames but you can change the size when you print on most printer preferences! I printed mine on colored cardstock to give it a little {pop} 🙂 I cant wait to hang these in our new house!!!

DIY: custom printables


design your own saying, you can even do this on the paint application that usually comes on all computers. then save it and open it as a photo- this gives you options when you print as to which size you want it so itll fit in your frame-


print & place in frame- I dont have mine in a frame yet because we’re in the process of moving soon, and I already packed them all 😦 so im keeping them in a folder in my everything else & home binder 🙂 {ill be posting how to make one soon!}