My 2012. Whats yours?

Goals. Resolutions. Call them what you want.
this is whats getting done this year. end of story. no matter what.

{in case you wanted to know, this blogs future is included, little preview so you can choose to follow me or not!**hint hint**you should**}

Ill try and keep it short and sweet *Andrea

Exercise- this is an obvious for juuust about every person on this earth. so of course its on mine also. I love to exercise, I just need to get back into my routine of doing it more often. I lost well over 60lbs in 2011 and more than that in 2010 (I had two babies in two years, they’re 10 mo apart!.. thats another story ;))

Career- I’m now a jewelry consultant at Zales, and I love it. I finally found a job outside of crafting that I adore and I really couldnt be happier. I was hired as a seasonal cashier, but they chose to keep me and train me to be a consultant and hopefully transfer me when my fiance and I move! Its really spectacular. My goal is to reach $250,000 in sales the right way. Im not that consultant that pushes people into buying things you dont want, I dont see the point in that. Get what you want is my motto 🙂

Organized Home- My goal is to pick one room a month and completely revamp its organization method and get rid of the excess junk

Cleaned up Electronics- Basicly, keep our computers and phones junk free! ((rlike all those pointless photos that keep ending up on my phone…))

Relationships- I’m going to keep in touch better with everyone here in Branson when I move and keep better in touch with my best friend Terra in Vegas 🙂  ((example:sending more random hello cards :))

Financial: Get rid of excess debt. you know, the pointless forms, cars, homes and student loans do not apply.

Simplify Daily Time & Life: Streamline tasks, get help on projects outside of the home ((maybe going to the laundry cleaners this year?)) Deligate time more specificly and keep on schedule with it. ((sundays need to get back to being my couponing day 😦 i miss it ))

Boys: Take to park more often 🙂

how am i going to do these things? simple. day by day. no its not all going to get done at one, buy hey, why not slowly work on them all together 🙂 THIS is what my blog and etsy shop have to look forward to. This is what ill be blogging about. NOTICE I didnt write a goal about couponing? yes, couponing is a big big big part of my life, but, for me, its like checking my emails, I check coupons, or taking my wallet to a store, I take my coupons. My blog is not solely about couponing. Yes, I would love to teach everyone of you how to coupon if you dont know how to, but there are so many site about couponing already and I see no point in re-posting information you can read elseware, so, I may post good deals, but I plan on posting deals that I plan on getting. I will however try and keep up to date on the coupon matchups and keep links so you can find those easily 🙂

heres how im keeping track of my goals, Money Saving Mom has a FANTASTIC FREE download you can get on her site.. its called Breaking Down My Goal Into Bite-Sized Pieces. At the bottom it has a monthly checkup so you can check each month and see if you did the things or not 🙂 pretty nice 🙂 below is a picture of mine 🙂  if you have a post on goals link it below in a comment! Id love to hear more ideas 🙂


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