Easy Frames

{EASY EASY} : think scrapbooking pages in a frame~

what you need:
-Spray paint (I use valspar from Michaels it sticks better for me)
-Scrapbook paper
-Photo Glue (the kind that makes your photos not ripple)

1.) spray paint your frames (take out glass first of course!)

2.) pick out paper that goes along with your choice of paint you painted your frames
     arrange your paper in your frame to your liking and glue in place

3.) add your photos to the frame (I feel it looks a little better if your photos have a frame of paper around them, it looks a little less “collage-like”)

4.) place your glass back in & hang up your masterpiece! 🙂

I also have a few frames that only have paper in them and no glass I use to write menus and memos on, whiteboard markers work the same on glass 🙂
((if the marker is ever hard to get off I use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.. then it looks brand new again!))



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