and now introducing…

NEW SITE πŸ™‚ yippppeee πŸ˜€

also 2 other blogs to come…

im going to be doing a wedding planning blog and a separate crafty blog πŸ™‚ YAYYYY!!!!!!

im so excited i just cant stand it.

since i started at Zales everthing with went Ker-Plunk.
and i really just couldnt pay every month to have it running
so i had to go to this LOVELY WONDERFUL site wordpress πŸ™‚
and all my hopes and dreams for my blog was satisfied πŸ™‚
yes, many changes still are being done cause i just got it up and going today (functional layout ect)
HOWEVER im off work for a few days, and hopefully ill get everything fixed and ready (sidebars, links, content Ect)

so im super duper exxcccited you could say.

i love doing this so much πŸ™‚

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